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Disaster Assistance

Local Disaster Declaration

In the event of a situation in a jurisdiction within Idaho that affects lives and property, the jurisdiction will take necessary measures to bring the situation under control, utilizing all jurisdictional government resources. If the situation overwhelms the capability and resources of the jurisdiction to control, the chairman of the board of county commissioners may proclaim a local disaster emergency in accordance with Idaho Code (Title 46-1011)

State Disaster Declaration

If state supplemental assistance is needed to assist the jurisdiction’s effort, the type of assistance should be stated and the declaration and request for assistance should be submitted to IOEM. The governor may declare that a disaster emergency exists through an executive order or proclamation (Title 46-1008). Upon declaration of emergency the IOEM Director will initiate the state response by notifying the appropriate state agencies. These agencies will take appropriate actions in accordance with the Idaho Emergency Operations Plan.

Federal Presidential Declaration.

There is a process to follow for receiving a Federal Presidential Declaration for a disaster/emergency event impacting Idaho. The Governor must prepare a “Request for Presidential Disaster Declaration Cover Letter” to accompany the completed FEMA Form 010-0-13, Request For Presidential Disaster Declaration Major Disaster or Emergency. The information required to write the Governor’s Cover letter and complete the FEMA form must come from the impacted counties and/or tribe. Examples of both the Governor’s cover letter and the FEMA Form are available on the “Related Links” menu to the right, as is a FEMA Narrative describing how to complete a good Governor’s cover letter and how to properly complete FEMA Form 010-0-13.