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Damage Assessment

Conducting an assessment of damages resulting from a man-made or natural disaster event provides elected officials and emergency management personnel at jurisdictional, state and federal levels of government information necessary to enact a proclamation of disaster/emergency. The assessment of damages serves as the basis for both fiscal and functional assistance in providing life sustaining and recovery assistance to individuals impacted by a disaster/emergency event.

Damage assessments begin at the local level. When the local jurisdiction conducts their initial damage assessment, the information collected should contain specific pieces of critical information. The Idaho Damage Assessment Handbook and supporting documents below outline the key data collection elements. Collecting information in the proper format will reduce the need for reassessing the damaged sites if/when requesting state or federal assistance.

Should the event be of sufficient magnitude to warrant a federal declaration, a formal Preliminary Damage Assessment (PDA) would be required. The formal PDA is a joint venture between FEMA, the State of Idaho, and the local jurisdiction to document the impact and magnitude of the disaster on individuals, families, businesses, and public property and to gather information for disaster management purposes. The Governor uses the information gathered during the local jurisdiction damage assessment as the basis to start the federal PDA process and determine whether federal assistance should be requested. It also forms the basis for the federal disaster declaration.

Damage Assessment Documentation


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