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Idaho Emergency Operations Center


The Idaho Office of Emergency Management (IOEM) is directed by Governor Executive Order to establish and maintain the Idaho Emergency Operations Center for directing the coordination of emergency and disaster operations. IOEM has the following goals:

  • To prevent and reduce damage, injury, and loss of life and property resulting from natural or man-made catastrophes, riots, or hostile military or paramilitary action;
  • To prepare assistance for prompt and efficient search, rescue, care, and treatment of persons injured, victimized or threatened by disaster;
  • To provide for rapid and orderly restoration and rehabilitation of persons and property affected by disasters; and
  • To provide for coordination of activities relating to disaster response and recovery by all state agencies, political subdivisions, and interstate, federal-state and Canadian activities in which the state and its political subdivisions may participate

Activity Phases

The Idaho Office of Emergency Management (IOEM) uses an Activity Phase scale to communicate changes in emergency management activity in the Idaho Emergency Operations Center (IDEOC). Activity phases are intended to reflect the response activity phases as opposed to the ongoing recovery of an emergency or disaster. A change, up or down, in Activity Phase is an indicator, that the number, size or complexity of a single incident or combination of incidents has changed. Any change in activity levels will be determined during the IDEOC Operational Period Planning Cycle. This will be documented with the publication of that operational period’s Incident Action Plan (IAP). Regardless of the activity phase, upon the closure of the incident period, there will be a transition of IDEOC activities to IOEM Recovery Section. The four phases are:

Normal Activity

Heightened Awareness

Activity Phase I: IDEOC Activated

Activity Phase II: IDEOC Continuous Operations within State Capability

Activity Phase III: IDEOC Continuous Operations beyond State Capability