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Training & Exercise


The IIOEM Training & Exercise Calendar and Learning Management System (LMS) can be found at

The Idaho Office of Emergency Management provides training to help the “whole community” address the five mission areas of prevention, protection, mitigation, response and recovery from disasters. Providing training to the “whole community” builds relationships across geographical boundaries, disciplines, and areas of responsibility. IOEM welcomes stakeholders from state and local jurisdictions, tribal nations, volunteer and faith-based organizations, and private industry to training events that support all-hazard emergency management and homeland security.

The IOEM Training and Exercise Section promotes full integration of the Preparedness Cycle to ensure the highest impact and applicability for all training events. It is important to identify the appropriate level of training for the target audience how it fits in with the overall Preparedness Cycle. IOEM offers awareness, management, performance and executive level courses. The IOEM Training and Exercise Section can assist in determining courses and learning programs that will further preparedness for individuals or agencies. To request training delivery in your jurisdiction, please use the IOEM Training Request Form on this webpage.

Many of the training events sponsored by IOEM are free although some classes do have a registration fee to cover the expenses for conducting the class. Please refer to the course flyers for specific registration details for each class.

IOEM leverages training offered from a wide variety of federal partners. These entities bring standardized, national best practices that can broaden and enhance our efforts in Idaho. IOEM also relies on subject matter expertise from here in our own state. If you are interested in becoming an adjunct instructor with IOEM and sharing your ideas, talents, knowledge and experience, please complete the IOEM Instructor Application posted on this website.