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Warning Systems

The State of Idaho and the federal government provide several methods of emergency notification for the citizens of our state. Messages that affect the entire nation are delivered via the NAWAS and EAS systems. State, county, and local government information is provided by the EAS system in cooperation with broadcasters located across the state. Important weather information is provided by the National Weather Service through their weather warning radio network. The State Automated Warning System notifies key personnel of events that require their attention and provides instructions on what actions they should take.

Technology is always evolving, and new and better ways of communicating with the citizens of Idaho are being evaluated. The Idaho Office of Emergency Management will always strive to provide Idaho with accurate and timely information in an efficient manner.

Idaho State Alert and Warning System (ISAWS)

The Idaho Office of Emergency Management is currently developing a new statewide emergency notification system. A pilot program is underway now to test and develop the Idaho State Alert and Warning System (ISAWS). ISAWS will allow the Bureau to use many methods not currently available for notifications, such as cell phones, pagers, PDA’s, and home computers via email. The system will also be designed to alert citizens with special needs and English as Second Language (ESL) citizens. Boise County was asked to act as a pilot county for the program, and has agreed to do so. We expect to be able to expand the program to the entire State of Idaho in the next 12-18 months. A voluntary enrollment page for notification via the ISAWS system will soon be available. A link to the registration page will be published soon.