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America's Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response Alert

The Amber Alert System is a system that, through the efforts of the Idaho State Police (system overseers), county and local law enforcement agencies, the Idaho Office of Emergency Management, The Idaho Transportation Department, The Idaho Lottery Commission, Broadcasters across the state (who participate voluntarily), and the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, alerts the public when a child appears to have been abducted and may be in harm’s way. The statewide emergency alert system provides law enforcement agencies access to the on-air signals of broadcasting stations across the state during the critical minutes following an initial report and to local authorities of suspicious circumstances involving a child's disappearance. Advisories are also posted on the Idaho Transportation Department’s Highway Warning Sign System and their 511 Traffic Information System, as well as on all Idaho Lottery Commission retail sales consoles.

The intent of the Idaho State Statewide Amber Plan is to disseminate accurate information statewide about the disappearance of a child as quickly as possible. The broadcasts will contain descriptive information that can readily identify the child and the abductor. Citizens with information that may lead to the recovery of the child will be directed to contact the reporting jurisdiction.

To report a missing child, or for more information on the Amber Alert program, please visit the website of the Idaho State Police by following the link located at the top right of this webpage.