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COOP Tool Kit

Below you will find two useful documents you can use when developing and writing your Agency’s COOP plan. The IIOEM COOP Manual will take you through the whole planning process, explaining what each component of a COOP plan is and how you can navigate your Agency through the planning steps. The COOP Plan Template, is a “fill in the blank’ shell you can use to actually draft your plan – utilizing the Forms and Worksheets you will complete as you work through the Manual.

Additionally, in the Related Links portion of this page, you will find the slide presentations used during the IIOEM COOP Tools and Techniques Class conducted in November, 2008. These presentations provide additional information regarding each element of a COOP plan, as well as some helpful hints on getting started.

While IIOEM stands ready to assist however we can, it is the intent of this tool kit to enable you and your Agency to successfully complete a viable plan all by yourself.