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Emergency Operations Planning Tool (EOPT)

The purpose of the Emergency Operations Planning Tool (EOPT) is to guide planners through the process of creating and revising plans and to facilitate collaboration and communication between local, tribal and state planners and other emergency management partners in the public and private sectors.

Using one of three plan designs, you can write your county, tribe or organization’s Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) using the plan prompts, template language and NIMS coaching. You can also upload your own plan templates for editing by your planning team.

You can use EOPT to write your plan, view your plan or allow others to view or edit you plan. Because all Emergency Operations Plans are kept in the Idaho EOPT Library, anyone with an EOPT account has the ability to view plans in the library. This can be helpful to see how other organizations and entities are writing and structuring their plans.

To use EOPT you must be a registered user. The State of Idaho’s EOPT is managed by the Idaho Office of Emergency Management. To be a registered EOPT user, to get an EOPT log-in or request permissions on a particular plan, please have the Plan Manager (typically the county emergency manager) contact Teresa Luna at the Idaho Office of Emergency Management. Any questions on how to use EOPT or to schedule training should also be directed to Teresa Luna.