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Resource Management

One of the five objectives for implementation of NIMS is resource management. This objective addresses the need to carefully manage resources, including personnel, teams, facilities, equipment, and/or supplies, according to the national definitions as defined by FEMA. As a preparedness activity, resource typing and inventorying facilitates resource ordering, deployment, and recovery of resources to support emergency management and incident response throughout the State of Idaho.

Resource Typing

Idaho is participating in the nationwide Resource Typing initiative to type and inventory all Tier 1 (nationally defined) resources. The Tier 1 typing and inventory has been completed statewide. Phase 2 of the Resource Typing Project to develop Tier 2 (state specific) typing of resources has been completed as well; a statewide inventory can be found in the Resource Inventory Tracker (RIT). State, Tribal, and local governments and agencies are encouraged to update their resources in the RIT regularly in order ensure that a current inventory of Idaho’s incident management resources is maintained and available as needed.


In Idaho a pilot project is beginning with state-sponsored regional response teams.