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Home Preparedness

In a disaster, ordinary items in the home can cause injury and damage. Anything that can move, fall, break, or cause a fire is a potential hazard. Take time now to look around your home for potential hazards and correct any dangerous situations.

  • Repair defective electrical wiring and leaky gas connections.
  • Fasten all shelves securely.
  • Place large, heavy objects on lower shelves.
  • Hang pictures and mirrors away from beds.
  • Brace overhead light fixtures.
  • Secure your water heater by strapping it to wall studs.
  • Repair any cracks in ceilings or foundations.
  • Store weed killers, pesticides and flammable products away from heat sources.
  • Place oily polishing rags or waste in tightly covered metal cans.
  • Clean and repair chimneys, flue pipes, vent connectors and gas vents.