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Public-Private Partnerships

Local, state and federal Public-Private Partnerships are vital to filling gaps in Emergency Management that neither government nor the private sector can manage alone. These partnerships create a vehicle for cooperation that includes resources, volunteers, information and expertise.

These fundamental needs cannot be met without the “Whole Community” We will be able to enhance our service to our neighbors, citizens, first responders and those affected by disasters when public and private sector representatives work together on the same team.

Under the National Response Framework, the private sector is identified as business and industry, trade organizations, voluntary, academia, nonprofit, faith-based, and other non-governmental organizations.

Why these partnerships?

  • Preparation allows for quicker response and recovery reducing impact to our communities.
  • Businesses are better prepared which can help save lives, company assets and the business itself.

Many of the jurisdictions in Idaho have already established relationships with our private sector partners but in an informal manner that may not be utilized in times of emergency. Private sector may already be members of Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPC’s) or training, exercise or planning committees. This program will provide a mechanism to ensure these relationships are established and maintained at the local and the state levels.

What can the private sector do?

Some of the things the private sector can do to be better prepared are to make a business continuity plan, store file back-ups off site, encourage employee family disaster plans and become involved with their Emergency Management partners.

Flooded gas station

What can the public sector do?

The public sector can coordinate with the private sector to begin working together as a team, create protocols for assistance to and from our private sector partners, integrate the private sector into Emergency Operations Plans (EOP’s) and include the private sector in training and exercises.

First responders

What will the Idaho Office of Emergency Management do?

IOEM is providing a single point of contact (POC) dedicated to this program. The POC will coordinate with our private sector partners to guide them in their business emergency planning, and coordinate with local and state jurisdictions along with the private sector to bring them together as a team.

The Idaho Office of Emergency Management is committed to making this new Program a success. If you have contacts, ideas, or would like additional information, please contact:

Mary Marsh
Chief, Public-Private Partnerships
Idaho Office of Emergency Management
4040 Guard Street, Bldg. 600
Boise, ID 83705
(208) 258-6520 (Office)
(208) 850-0656 (Cell)