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Emergency Relief Fund Application Guidance

The Idaho Office of Emergency Management is now accepting applications for the competitive funding of projects through the Emergency Relief Fund.

*It is strongly recommended that all criteria and links are reviewed so that you are well informed on the process and have all the information necessary to submit a well thought out project application.

Eligibility and acceptance of application will be based on the following criteria.

  • Funding for eligible projects will be on a reimbursement basis.
  • Eligible projects must reside within a county that has suffered road and bridge damage as a result of extreme weather, including heavy snow, flooding and landslides beginning in December 2016 and ongoing.
  • The road and bridge project your agency is applying for should not be directly related to significant deferred maintenance.
  • Eligible applicants must be able to provide a 10% match to requested funding by either in-kind contribution or cost share.
  • Project applications will be accepted in three rounds. The first two rounds will fund up to $15 million in projects per round. The third round will allocate remaining available funds as necessary to the rest of the qualifying applicants. Final deadline for project applications is July 1, 2017.
  • The first round of applications shall be submitted by 5/15/17
  • The second round of applications shall be submitted by 6/15/17
  • The third round of applications shall be submitted by 7/1/17
  • Applications will be approved/denied within 30 days of each application round deadline. Notification of award or denial will be sent via email.
  • Unsuccessful applications will automatically be passed to the next round.

  • Multiple project applications by a single applicant should be ranked by the applicant in order of priority. (Example: if you have 6 projects, please note priority 1 of 6, etc.)
  • Jurisdiction should be noted the same for every project submitted by that jurisdiction.

  • Applicant must complete the application in its entirety (including location, date, etc.). If the application is incomplete, scores will be penalized with lower chance of funding.
  • Applicants must provide description of proposed project, description of repair, and scope of work.
  • Applicants must provide description and cause of damage, including the budgetary, economic and community impact. (i.e. is there an alternate route, or limiting access)
  • Personnel authorized to expend funds from the applicant must sign a Statement of Documentation.
  • Typed signatures on applications are acceptable for submission.
  • Email can serve as an electronic submission.

  • Applications will be evaluated based on content and supporting documentation (Ref: Rating criteria, Priorities)
  • Projects must meet eligibility guidelines as outlined in the Eligibility Snapshot. IOEM will refer to the PAPPG (Public Assistance Program and Policy Guide) Category C as a guideline only for cost eligibility, labor policies, etc. (ref: PAPPG Excerpts)

Fill out the Application here

** The ERF Application is separate from any FEMA Public Assistance Programs for jurisdictions under a federal disaster declaration. If you are applying for assistance with FEMA, you will need to fill out applications for both FEMA and the ERF funding separately.


Please direct any questions or concerns to IOEM at 208-258-6591