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Idaho Statewide Interoperability Executive Council

The purpose of the SIEC is to provide a policy level direction and to promote efficient and effective use of resources for matters related to public safety wireless radio interoperability.

The SIEC is working toward the following goals:

  • Develop a statewide vision for interoperable communications;
  • Develop standards for public safety communications;
  • Promote cooperation among state, federal, tribal, and local public safety agencies in addressing statewide radio interoperability needs in Idaho;
  • Review priorities for statewide radio interoperability needs and assist in the development of projects, plans, policies, standards, priorities and guidelines for radio interoperability;
  • Ensure adequate wireless spectrum to accommodate all users;
  • Facilitate cooperative and contract arrangements to develop a statewide interoperable radio communications system infrastructure;
  • Research best practices of other states; and
  • Provide recommendations to the Governor and the Legislature, when appropriate, concerning issues related to statewide interoperable radio communications for public safety in Idaho.

Contact Idaho SIEC

Idaho Statewide Interoperability Executive Council (SIEC)
C/O The Idaho Military Division
4040 Guard St., Bldg 600
Boise, ID 83705
Phone: (208) 208-422-3035
FAX: (208) 208-422-3044