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Command Staff

Brad RichyDirector, Idaho Office of Emergency Management(208)
Karen WallenGrants Branch Chief(208)
Brent LarsonOperations Branch Chief(208)
Ben RoeberPreparedness and Protection Branch Chief(208)
Teresa LunaExecutive Administrative Officer(208)
Hope AllenAdministrative Specialist(208)

911 Program

Craig Logan911 Program Manager(208)
Dave Moore911 Grants Agreements

Public Affairs

Janice WitherspoonPublic Affairs Officer(208)

Area Field Officers

Jay BakerNorthern Area Field Officer(208)
Rob FeeleyNorth Central Area Field Officer(208)
VacantNortheastern Area Field Officer
Darin LetzringSoutheast Idaho AFO(208)
Dale NalderSW & South Central Area Field Officer(208)
Heidi NovichSW & South Central Area Field Officer(208)

IOEM General Staff

Grant Branch

Finance Section

VacantFinance Section Chief
Julie CrooksFinance Grant Specialist(208)
Karla WassomFinance Grant Specialist(208)
Brenda HughesFinance Grant Specialist(208)


Jeff RyleeHazMat/Special Teams Operations(208)

Logistics Section

Wayne HarrisHazardous Materials Cost Recovery Coordinator(208)
Val LarsenLogistics(208)


Jarod DickRecovery Coordinator(208)
Shannon ThomasEmergency Management Specialist(208)

Preparedness & Protection Branch

Critical Infrastructure

Josh McIntoshCritical Infrastructure Program Manager(208)

Plans Section

Maija ReedPlans Section Chief(208)
VacantEmergency Planner
Blake BrandonEmergency Planner(208)

Mitigation Section

Susan CleverleyMitigation Section Chief(208)
Lorrie PahlMitigation Planner(208)

GIS Section

Becky RoseGIS Section Chief(208)
Robin KiskaRisk MAP Program Manager(208)

Operations Branch

Cherylyn MurphyIDEOC Program Coordinator(208)

Training & Exercise Section

Gary LeederTraining and Exercise Section Chief(208)
Natalie LahtiTraining Program Specialist(208)
VacantTraining & Exercise Program Manager
Dave AyersTraining & Exercise Specialist(208)


Karl DeHartWebEOC Statewide Administrator(208)

State Local Implementation Grant Program

Brian ShieldsSLIGP Program Manager(208)
Steve WoodallSLIGP Project Manager(208)


Aaron BlakeCommunications Program Manager(208)

Administration and Outreach Branch

Jon HanianPublic and Private Partnerships Program Manager(208)
Chris VolmerCommunity Preparedness Coordinator(208)

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