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Cost Recovery

Hazardous Materials Incident Response Cost Recovery

The liability for costs associated with a hazardous substance emergency are the responsibility of the spiller. The Idaho Office of Emergency Management is responsible for recovering costs from the spiller and, if the spiller is unknown, petitioning the State Board of Examiners for issuance of a Deficiency Warrant to reimburse the responding entities for reasonable documented costs. Response agencies may submit claims to IOEM for recovery of the documented costs incurred as a direct result of responding to and/or containment of a hazardous substance incident. These claims must be received by IOEM within 60 days of the close of the incident.

Idaho Code §39-7109 provides a 60-day deadline for submittal of reimbursable expenses related to cost recovery. Agencies must submit a cost recovery packet no later than 60 days from the close of the incident’s emergency phase. To assist in determining this deadline, IOEM has provided the following Date-Calculator:

Please enter the date of incident closure to determine the date by which cost recovery packets must be postmarked in order to be considered for cost recovery. Please submit completed cost recovery packets to

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