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Training and exercise is a vital component to providing emergency response agencies and their communities improved public safety and preparedness capabilities. The Idaho Office of Emergency Management (IOEM) enhances the emergency preparedness of Idaho’s communities through the sustainment of a comprehensive, all-hazard training and exercise program.

A comprehensive training and exercise program improves operational readiness, reveals planning gaps and resource limitations, improves coordination, clarifies roles and responsibilities, improves individual performance, and gains public recognition of the emergency services programs.

Integrated Preparedness Plan
IOEM Training & Exercise Calendar and Learning Management System (LMS)


Training provides awareness, operational, and technical instruction to improve responder knowledge, skills and abilities.

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Exercise provides the opportunity to demonstrate capabilities gained through new training and identify additional training needs.

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Natalie Lahti
Training and Exercise Section Chief

Dave Ayers
Training & Exercise Project Manager

Janelle Scheffelmaier
Training Operations Coordinator

Londa Huwa
Training & Exercise Specialist

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