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The goal of the Community Preparedness Program at IOEM is to inform the citizens of, and visitors to, the State of Idaho of the identified priority hazards and threats in the state and to provide those citizens with the information they need to reduce their own personal risks from disaster and to prepare for a disaster or emergency in their community.

The Community Preparedness Program within the Idaho Office of Emergency Management takes a Whole Community approach to emergency preparedness. Time and experience have shown the more informed Idahoans are on how to maintain an adequate level of preparedness for all hazards, the fewer lives are put in jeopardy when disasters happen. By strengthening relationships with emergency management partners around the state, Idahoans are more self-sufficient and resilient.

Great Idaho ShakeOut

Each October, IOEM leads an effort across the state to increase earthquake preparedness through the Great Idaho ShakeOut. The simple one-minute drill encourages participants to practice the Drop, Cover, and Hold steps to stay safe during an earthquake. Participants in the drill range from K-12 schools, colleges and universities, businesses, state and local government, and individual citizens.

Register for the Great Idaho ShakeOut today, and get ready to Drop, Cover, and Hold On!

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

The Community Preparedness Program also supports Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) programs across the state. Special emphasis has been placed on youth CERT initiatives such at the CERT curriculum at the Meridian Medical Arts Charter High School and Southwest District Health’s teen CERT Ready Camp program.

Learn more about CERT and your local program.

Idaho Firewise

Idaho Firewise is a non-profit organization that coordinates, supports, and promotes statewide wildland fire education to broaden the understanding of wildfire’s role in ecosystems and encourages those who live in or visit Idaho to take responsibility in reducing the risk of loss from wildfire. IOEM is a proud partner of Idaho Firewise. Find out more on the Idaho Firewise website.

For more tips on how you as an individual can get prepared for a wildfire, read the Idaho Silver Jackets Wildfire Guide.

How can YOU prepare?

Through continued education and outreach initiatives, IOEM hopes to create a culture of preparedness across Idaho citizens and communities. To learn about some of the different ways that you can prepare, check out the links below, and start preparing today!

Preparedness for Community and Government Leaders
Personal and Family Preparedness
Business and Organization Preparedness

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