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Hazardous Materials

To report a Hazardous Materials/WMD or Explosives Incident, contact your local fire department, or State Communications at 1-800-632-8000, or (208) 846-7610. The following link provides important information regarding proper notification to authorities:

Idaho Release Reporting Guide

Local Emergency Response Authority Contacts

The most important goal of State of Idaho Hazardous Materials Program is life safety. We are working to increase the preparedness of citizens and state and local governments for hazardous materials incidents. We assist in raising the public’s awareness of hazardous materials issues and increase their access to hazardous materials inventory information. We assist with training and Special Teams throughout the State of Idaho. We serve as an emergency response coordination and liaison organization for Idaho and work in cooperation with state and federal agencies to prepare for, respond to and recover from hazardous materials incidents.

The Idaho Office of Emergency Management carries out the requirements of the Federal Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA), as well as the Idaho Hazardous Substance Emergency Response Act. We are the state repository for regulatory reporting concerning hazardous material storage, transport and release within Idaho to include Tier II’s, Toxic Release Inventories (TRI’s) and Risk Management Plans (RMP’s). IOEM is responsible for coordinating with and assisting Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPC’s).

Sarah Cerda
Hazmat and Special Teams Program Manager
(208) 258-6524

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