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Emergency Communications

IOEM Communications Plan

The Communications Plan describes how the Idaho Office of Emergency Management (IOEM) communicates with internal and external stakeholders using a variety of systems. This ensures redundancy and interoperability during steady-state and emergency/disaster operations. IOEM is responsible for operating and testing its internal primary, secondary, and alternate communications systems. The immediate purpose of these checks is to allow state government to collect and disseminate information, receive requests for assistance, and direct, control, and coordinate state disaster response and recovery operations. The secondary purpose is to maintain continuing communications with the public, IOEM employees, local/tribal agencies, as well as other state agencies, private sector, non-governmental organizations, and the federal government. This IOEM Communications Plan supports the accomplishment of IOEM missions and supplements provisions of the Idaho Emergency Operations Plan (IDEOP) and Idaho State Emergency Response Team (SERT) processes.

Warning Systems

Emergency Communications Contact

Emergency Communications Program Manager

Sidney A. Brown
Office: (208) 258-6522 | Cell: (208) 559-4182

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