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The Operations Branch of the Idaho Office of Emergency Management monitors day to day incidents and activities within the State of Idaho that could require a State response, as well as the operational readiness of the Idaho Emergency Operations Center (IDEOC) including WebEOC. The Operations Branch is responsible for coordinating statewide interoperable communications and alerts and warnings, training and exercise and community preparedness.

The Idaho Emergency Operations Center (IDEOC)

The IDEOC is where the State of Idaho works with federal, local and tribal governments and the private sector to direct resources in support of response and recovery operations during an emergency or disaster.


WebEOC is Idaho’s statewide emergency management platform to share situational awareness. Statewide exercises and real world incidents are conducted utilizing WebEOC.


Communications systems provide critical information exchange pathways before, during and after emergencies/disasters. Reliable systems are essential for warning the citizens of Idaho and emergency responders of an impending or occurring incident. These systems allow emergency responders to share information and coordinate response activities. Links to more information on communication systems:

Training and Exercise

The Training and Exercise program enhances the emergency preparedness of the State of Idaho through a comprehensive, all-hazard training and exercise program that provides emergency response agencies and their communities improved public safety and preparedness capabilities.

Brent Larson
Operations Branch Chief

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