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Brad Richy's Head Shot


Director of the Idaho Office of Emergency Management, Idaho Military Division

Brad Richy is the Director of Idaho Office of Emergency Management. As the Director of Idaho Office of Emergency Management, he is directly responsible for Idaho emergency readiness and preparedness planning in support of the Idaho Homeland Security and Emergency Management Strategies.  He serves as the Homeland Security Advisor and principal Emergency Management Advisor to the Governor and The Adjutant General.    As the Governor’s Authorized Representative Brad acts as the single point of contact for all federal, regional, and state emergency management activities.  Brad also serves as the State Administrative Agent overseeing implementation and compliance of all eligible Department of Homeland Security sponsored grants.  The Idaho Office of Emergency Management has seven offices around the state and is staffed with 40 full-time personnel.  Brad serves on multiple national level working groups. Brad was the Director of the Joint Staff, Idaho National Guard, Joint Force Headquarters. As the Joint Staff Director, he served as the principal advisor to The Adjutant General on all matters pertaining to the formulation, review, and execution of all plans, policies, and programs affecting the Idaho National Guard and its relationships with the active/reserve components.  In addition, he was responsible for all Idaho National Guard actions involving operations, logistics, resourcing, manpower, communications, planning, and intelligence.

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