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Idaho Prepares FAQs

Visit On the training calendar, click on the course you want to take. Carefully read the course description and note time, date, location, required prerequisites, or any other registration requirements. Click Enroll in Class.

You must have an Idaho Prepares account to register for courses sponsored by IOEM. Anyone can create an account on Idaho Prepares. To create an Idaho Prepares account, visit Click New User on the top left of the page. Fill in the New User Registration form and click Submit Information. Your account will be active immediately.

A FEMA SID (FEMA Student ID) is necessary to create an Idaho Prepares account and to take any courses offered by FEMA through the Emergency Management Institute (EMI). To obtain a FEMA SID, visit

Visit for any questions or concerns regarding your FEMA SID.

You can change your account password by visiting the sign-in page at Click Forgot Your Password? next to the Sign In button. Follow the prompts given to change your password.
If you have forgotten your Idaho Prepares username, contact

To change any of your contact and/or job information, log in to your Idaho Prepares account. Click Account Info on the menu bar at the top of the page. Click User Properties. Change any applicable information. Click Save Changes. Changes will take effect immediately.

You can download copies of course completion certificates from IOEM-sponsored courses (e.g. ICS 300, 400, G0191, G2300, L/K0105, etc.) you have completed by logging into Go to Account Info and click Transcript. Find the class you want the certificate for. You should see a link for the certificate in the Date Completed area. 

To view your transcript, log into your Idaho Prepares account. Click Account Info on the menu bar at the top of the page. Click Transcript. Scroll to the bottom and click Printable Transcript to open a printable version in a new browser. Click Export Transcript to Excel to download an Excel version of your transcript.

To add items to your transcript, first log into Idaho Prepares. Click Account Info and then Transcript. Click Add Training Event. Enter the course information and click Save.

There are two reasons you may have been placed on a course waitlist:

  • Priority enrollment for IOEM-sponsored courses is given to personnel working for state and/or local agencies. Federal or out-of-state personnel are automatically placed on the course waitlist and are added to the roster on a first-come, first-served basis, space allowing.
  • Individuals who have not completed all required course prerequisites are waitlisted upon enrollment. If you believe you have been waitlisted in error, contact Please be prepared to provide digital copies of certificates for prerequisite courses. If you have not completed the prerequisites, do so at your earliest convenience and send digital copies of the certificates to Your transcript will be updated and you will be removed from the waitlist and enrolled in the course if space allows.
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