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Statewide Interoperability Coordinator (SWIC)

The SWIC is a central coordination point for interoperable emergency communications efforts.  The SWIC assists in facilitating communications among responders during emergencies and is an important asset when responding to planned and unplanned events.  

Contact Brian Shields at (208) 258-6566 or

Communications Unit (COMU) Position Task Books;   

ID COMU PLAN_FINAL_10FEB22     (Communications Unit Plan)

ID TERT SOP_2022_V1  (Telecommunicator Emergency Response Task Force) 

PTB_RADO  (Position Task Book – Radio Operator) 

PTB_INTD  (Position Task Book – Incident Tactical Dispatcher) 

PTB_INCM (PTB for Incident Communications Manager) 

PTB_COMT (PTB for Communications Technician) 

PTB_COML (PTB for Communications Leader) 

PTB_AUXCOM  (PTB for Auxiliary Communications Operator)  


State Level Plans                   ID 2020 SCIP_04.01.20_Final


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