2019 Flood Awareness Week


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Idaho Governor Brad Little Signs Flood Awareness Week Proclamation

Spring flooding is one of Idaho’s major hazards


BOISE – Idaho Governor Brad Little signed a proclamation this week designating March 18-23 as Flood Awareness Week in Idaho. The proclamation underscores the importance of Idahoans understanding the risks posed by spring flooding.

“Spring snow melt fills our reservoirs for irrigation needs and helps keep our forests and rangelands healthy, but when the snow melts too quickly it causes dangerous flooding,” Governor Brad Little said. “That’s why Idahoans need to remain prepared for the flood risk every year.”

Jay Breidenbach with the Boise office of the National Weather Service says several areas of the state have a higher than average risk this year, including the Big Lost and Wood River Basins as well as the Upper Boise, Payette, and Weiser Basins.

“Snow amounts in Idaho’s mountains are not as high as they were in 2017, when significant flooding occurred, but they are high enough that Idahoan’s will need to monitor river levels and be aware of the dangers of flooding near streams. If hot weather melts the snow too quickly, or if heavy rain occurs during peak snow melt, this will also increase our risk,” Breidenbach said.

Flooding is the leading cause of severe weather-related deaths each year in the United States. Following these basic rules can keep you safe:

  • Never drive through flooded roadways, even if it looks shallow. Just a few inches of fast moving water can wash away a heavy truck. Turn Around, Don’t Drown!
  • Monitor your favorite local news source for the latest weather information
  • If flooding happens get to higher ground fast
  • Never cross any barriers put in place by law enforcement
  • Always have an emergency kit in your home and your vehicle in case you need to evacuate to higher ground quickly.

You can read Governor Little’s 2019 Flood Awareness Week Proclamation by clicking on the link. https://ioem.idaho.gov/Pages/NewsRoom.aspx Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for photos, safety information, and other local information related to Idaho Flooding.

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