Advance Measures Request USACE


Idaho Office of Emergency Management
For immediate release January 20, 2017
Contact: Elizabeth Duncan
(208) 258-6595

Assistance with Mitigation Efforts Requested from USACE

Flooding dangers along Snake River in Payette and Washington Counties prompt request for technical assistance


BOISE – On behalf of both Payette and Washington Counties the Idaho Office of Emergency Management has requested technical assistance from the US Army Corps of Engineers to help with flooding mitigation efforts along the Snake River. Areas of concern for flooding include the towns of Weiser (Washington County) and Payette and Fruitland (Payette County).

Both counties have expressed concern for low lying areas along the Snake River that could significantly endanger community infrastructure. Issues of concern also include sections of I84, Highway 52 and Highway 95. The technical assistance request includes:

  • Contingency planning for expert analysis to determine the potential risks to lives and property and immediate ways to protect both
  • Hydraulic, hydrologic, or geotechnical analysis to identify areas of potential flows or flash flooding that may threaten lives or property or impede evacuation routes
  • Risk assessment to identify potential advance warning systems.


The January 2017 timeframe requested allows jurisdictional personnel to apply the provided training and planning to the most critical sites thereby improving their mitigation efforts in advance of further flooding.

The Idaho Emergency Operations Center (IDEOC) remains activated at Level 1 due to winter storm hazards throughout the state. Ada, Canyon, Cassia, Custer, Gem, Owyhee, Payette, and Washington Counties have disaster declarations currently in effect.


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The Idaho Office of Emergency Management is a Division of the Idaho Military Division. The services we provide are to facilitate emergency management in Idaho, and to assist neighboring states. The men and women of this Division are dedicated to their mission of protecting the lives and property of the people of Idaho, as well as preserving the environmental and the economic health of Idaho.


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