The Great Idaho Shakeout Drill, October 18, 2011


Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security News Release
For immediate release, October 18, 2011
Contact: Robert Feeley, (208) 422-3033 or 208-859-6943

Countdown to the Great Idaho Shakeout


At exactly 10:20 a.m. MDT (9:20 a.m. PDT) on Thursday, October 20, over 72,000 Idahoans will participate in Idaho’s largest earthquake drill ever. During the drill Idahoans throughout the state will drop, cover, and hold on to practice the lifesaving actions that should be taken during an earthquake.

Earthquakes happen when least expected. When each second counts, immediate quake-safe actions will save lives and minimize injuries. What’s at stake is the ability of people to survive and recover quickly from the effects of one of nature’s most powerful and destructive forces.

The drill known as The Great Idaho ShakeOut is an important statewide event. It offers an opportunity for individuals and emergency responders to prepare now so they can survive and recover following the next damaging earthquake. Experts stress the importance for everyone to participate by registering at

“The best way to instinctively and immediately do the right thing when the shaking begins is to practice,” said Brigadier General Bill Shawver, BHS director. “The shakeout website has many resources that Idahoans can use to get ready for this important drill and to prepare for earthquakes.” includes guidelines for what to do before, during and immediately after an earthquake, as well as downloadable emergency supply checklists (food, water, first aid supplies, clothing and bedding, tools and emergency supplies and special items for medical conditions), tips for food and water storage, and information on the seismic vulnerability of Idaho.


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Note to reporters: The Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security is the State of Idaho’s emergency management agency. Please note that Idaho BHS is an Idaho-specific agency, and it is not the same thing as the federal Department of Homeland Security. Within the State of Idaho organizational chart, Idaho BHS is aligned under the State of Idaho Military Division.


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