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COVID-19 Recovery (Disaster DR-4534)

Welcome to the IOEM COVID-19 Recovery webpage.  If you are a state, local, tribal, taxing entity, or a private non-profit providing critical or essential services you may be eligible for FEMA Public Assistance.  Public Assistance is a reimbursement grant program for extraordinary eligible expenses associated with COVID-19 response and recovery activities.

The IOEM Recovery Team, in partnership with FEMA, is ready to help your organization navigate the process to apply for Public Assistance. The following documents provide information, guidance and additional resources for your organization.

Please be sure to read the FEMA Fact Sheet (3.19.20) and PA Eligibility Interim Policy for COVID (9.1.20) for more information about eligibility.

Important:  If you have eligible expenses, eligible applicants must complete and submit a Request for Public Assistance (link), and if relevant, Private Non-Profit questionnaire (link) to the IOEM Recovery Team at

If you have questions or need additional guidance, please contact your IOEM Area Field Officer (link) or the IOEM Recovery Team at

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Funeral Assistance Flyer

Grants Portal Resources

External – SLTT – How to Submit a COVID Grant 050620 (2)

Grants Portal Training on YouTube

Grants Portal Resource pages and Links

Cost Tracking Tools

Public Assistance Eligibility Resources

COVID-19 PA Eligibility Training Slides (09.23.2020)

COVID-19 Eligible Emergency Protective Measures Interim Policy FP 104-009-19 (09.01.2020)

Community Vaccination Centers Playbook

FEMA Advisory COVID19 Vaccine Distribution

FEMA COVID-19 Vaccination Planning FAQ

Management Costs Interim Policy 508

COVID-19 Medical Care Eligible for Public Assistance (version 2) Interim Policy

Equitable COVID-19 Response and Recovery Job Aid 3-15-21

Environmental and Historic Preservation (EHP) Resources

Care Sites and Sheltering Information

HUD Interagency Funding Priority Order


Other Resources

COVID-19 Resource Roster for Reference_05.14.2020

Food Programs_Resource Report_05.14.2020

Potential Resources for Seasonal Agriculture Laborers June 2020

Tribe-Eligible Programs _All Topics_05.14.2020

FEMA Resource Roadmaps

COVID-19 resource Summary Report September 1, 2020

COVID-19 PA Eligible Work – Comparison Table

FEMA COVID Policy Brief – April 2021

FEMA Funeral Assistance Flyer

FP-104-21-0003 – COVID Safe Opening and Operating Policy

FP-104-21-0004 Medical Care Eligible for Public Assistance (V2)

Public Assistance COVID-19 Policy Updates_20210409

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