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Northern Idaho Windstorm Recovery (DR-4589)

Welcome to IOEM’s webpage for the January 13, 2021 Northern Idaho Windstorm.  If you are a state, local, tribal taxing entity, or a non-profit agency providing critical or essential services, you may be eligible to receive FEMA Public Assistance (PA).  Public Assistance is a reimbursement grant program for eligible disaster-related response and recovery expenses directly resulting from the event.

The IOEM Recovery Team, in partnership with FEMA, is ready to help your organization navigate the process to apply for Public Assistance.  The following will provide additional information, guidance, and additional resources for your organization.

Important:    If you have eligible expenses, eligible applicants must complete and submit a Request for Public Assistance (link), and if relevant, Private Non-Profit questionnaire (link) to the IOEM Recovery Team at

If you have questions or need additional support, please contact your IOEM Area Field Officer or the IOEM Recovery Team at


Getting Started

Applicant Briefing

PNP Questionaire 

Request for Public Assistance

Submitting a Request for Public Assistance

Applicant Briefing

Grants Portal Resources

Establishing a Grants Portal Account

Cost Tracking & Documentation Tools

Damage Inventory Report

Disaster Cost Reimbursement Workbook

Environmental and Historic Preservation (EHP) Resources 

EHP Greensheet-4589 DR ID

Procurement Resources

FEMA PDAT Key Points to Avoid – Top 10 Mistakes

FEMA Procurement Field Manual

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